Pressure Test

Quick pause to pressure test the plumbing and PEX. Life would be quite unplesent if we closed in all of the walls, taped, and tiled, only to find out that our shower leaked. We have successfully tested to 100 lbs PSI!

Bathroom Waterproofing

The design of our bathroom is simple but comfortable. We plan on using waterproof tiles on the walls to, again, maximize every inch of space. Many houses these days use pre-fabbed fiberglass shower enclosures. However, these consume several inches on three sides of the shower and look quite ugly…

Floor Hatches

Now that the insulation is complete, it is time to start closing in the floor. Glenda did most of the cutting using the coolest handheld CNC machine on the planet: the Shaper Origin! We envision a set of portholes in the floor. Each 8’ bay will have its own. This should allow ample storage under…

Insulation Complete

We are sooo glad that is over! Spray foam is, by far, the messiest and unpleasent job in the whole build. And, yes, we know it’s also quite costly. Each bay had to be OVER-filled to achieve a perfect and complete fill. Since we only have 3.5” of depth to work with, every inch counts. This meant…

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