Raised Floor - Part A

Ironically, we reached a point with the electrical where we needed the raised floor to be in place before continuing. The floor contains a “chaise”, towards the end of the trailer, which we need to tack the Romex onto. So, before we continue with the electrical we will need to get the floor ready… or, at least, somewhat ready.

Unlike typical construction methods, I want the raised floor to have a bit of a “jewelry box” effect to it. We plan on using it for storage so it needs to look pleasing whenever it is open. This means no 2x4 construction!

We begin with breaking out the CNC and cutting some rather percise ovals in the center of what will become the floor “rib”:

process a

… aaaaand, that first piece becomes a template for 12 other identical pieces. So, using the first piece we route out the others …

process b

Every two pairs are matched and laminated together to be one 1.5” thick “rib” …

process c

Once the ribs are done, they need to be sanded to perfection. That means ensuring all of the edges are perfect …

process d

… and then standing those pieces down to a nice smooth finish …

process e

We then bring them back into the tiny house for the install …

install a

install b

install c

Each end has a different profile than the middle ribs. This means more laminating:

face a

face b

The front end will greet you with a step (to be added later) so that needs a blank “rib” or end cap …

end b

… where the rear end needs to close off a section to hide the beefy supports needed for the appiances …

end a

Next, we apply some edge banding to the stringers and install them …

stringers a

stringers b

We apply some stain and polyurithane over the next several days …

finish a

And, finally, are ready to close up the floor (for now) so we may continue with the electrical …

finish b

Quite a bit remains for the floor. We will have a proper walkthrough once we’re done and, of course, will include that area.

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