Electrical has begun!

Ever have one of those processes that sounded enjoyable before you began? Well, electrical is one of them.

This is gonna be easy. Right? After all, we are starting with a clean slate …

before a

Oh, and we have some cool toys to make things easier (these are great to work with, by the way) …

before b

However, shortly after you get started, it feels like complete chaos has set in …

during a

And, you need to call it quits before your brain shuts down …

during b

However, with a bit of time and patience, it all seems to come together …

after a

after b

after c

There is still much more do with with the electrical, but this is a solid start.

Oh, and on a side note, if you ever plan on installing joist hangers, electrical boxes, or hurricane straps, get yourself a palm nailer. They are worth their weight in gold …

palm nailer

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