Build Update 20200502

The trailer is ready for the foundation!

We added over 40 gussets along the sides of the trailer. They are probably overkill, but I’d like to be a bit anal with this build. Once they were ready, we drilled a series of 3/4″ holes down each side to anchor the foundation to the trailer.

Small side note: this part sucked! By hole #2 I was ready to go buy a plasma cutter and melt the holes! I realize you’re supposed to go “low and slow” while drilling metal, however such is not possible with a hand-held drill. Sure, you can take your time with the drilling, however, conventional drill bit sets have such a huge jump in sizes after 1/4″. While I did end up switching to a step bit, it still took forever. In the end, I decided to burn through five or six step bits to get through the holes as quickly as possible. It worked, but I was sick from the fumes for a good two days.

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