Hey! We're Fred & Glenda Lackey

Two married US Marines happily enjoying the tiny life.

Under-Floor Storage

Again Glenda saved the day. Dreaming up this “jewelry box” raised floor concept was the easy part. Finishing it off was the tedious aspect of this one. Each bay is approximately 8’ long, almost 15” wide and over 14” tall. There are seven in the front and three in the rear. Each is finished with…

Windows Ordered

All of the windows for the tiny house are ordered and paid for. We lost count on how many measurements we recorded. However, these windows need to be perfect. We went with Andreson 400 Series double-pain casement windows everywhere (awning windows for the loft, of course). They are Energy Star…

Bathroom Taping Complete

It’s May? Already!?!? Man, do we need to pick up the pace! Not much to see with this one. The Kerdi board is installed and taping is complete using thinset and the special Kerdi Band waterproofing tape. Now time to get the tiles on the wall!

Destination Secured

We now have an address! Well, we’ve always had an address. However, a few years ago we found this wonderful woman in South Florida, Barb Diaz, and kinda want to get to know her. She’s involved in the whole tiny house thing and runs a park down south. So, we held out until we could secure a spot…

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